Faculty of Physical Education


The interior regulation of the Faculty of Physical Education


Due to the continuing scientific progress, universities have to update their curriculum    

to keep pace with this scientific progress that is in line with the needs of the community in different disciplines in order to achieve close link among universities and society development to meet its needs from specialists in different fields.


  In line with this philosophy, the Faculty of Physical Education at Beni-Suef University is keen to develop its internal regulations, especially after a sufficient period has passed for the application of the current regulation by studying the needs of the community by specialists and they found that there is an urgent need to introduce new specializations into the curriculum, especially in the areas of training, management, promotion, teaching and the disabled.


  A comparative study of the curriculum and regulations of Physical education colleges in the developed countries has also been conducted, it shows that there is a need to introduce scientific amendments to curriculums, and adding new scientific subjects to support the knowledge of the students in line with international and scientific developments, accordingly, some amendments were made to the scientific sections to suit these new disciplines.

  The study systems have been modified according to the two-semester system, which provide an opportunity for guiding students.

  The college hopes that these amendments will achieve the hopes and objectives regarding to scientific progress and positive interaction with the society's thinking, requirements, issues and problems of physical education in the Egyptian society.

The first part

[Objectives - Scientific Departments - Scientific Degrees and Diplomas - Study System ]


· Article [1] Objectives : -

The Faculty of Physical Education at Beni-Suef University aims to achieve the following objectives :


- Preparation of physical education teacher for different stages of education .

- Preparation of qualified sports trainer in various sports activities .

- Preparation of specialists in the fields of sports administration, and special category sports .

- Preparation of specialists in sports health, sports movement science and sports psychology .

- Conducting researches and studies in various fields of sports and physical education .

- Providing scientific advice and cooperation with the Egyptian and international scientific governmental bodies and institutions in the study of sports issues to achieve

common objectives in various fields of physical and athletic education .

- Providing scientific and applied services and improving the qualifications of the workers in the sports field and contributing in serving the local, Arab and international environments .

Article [2] Scientific Sections :

The faculty consists of the following departments :

First: Department of Curricula and Methods of Teaching Physical Education :

- Introduction to Physical Education - History of Physical Education

- Principles of teaching physical education - Teaching methods of physical education


- Educational foundations of university physical education - Methods of teaching games


- - Methods of teaching track exercises - Methods of teaching competitions


- - Methods of teaching fights - Methods of teaching motor expression


- Curricula of physical education - Methods of teaching gymnastics


- Methods of teaching individual sports - Methods of teaching motor rhythm


- Field teaching - systems and problems of education


- Methods of teaching water sports - Economics of education


- Advanced study in the methods of teaching physical education - Comparative physical education .


- Methods of research in the teaching of physical education. - Applications [teaching methods of physical education ].


- Methods of teaching sports activities - research seminar


- The philosophy of physical education - The contemporary educational trends


- Technology of sports Education - Evaluation in physical Education


- School administration - sports vocational development

[Teacher preparation ]


- Entrance to school sports activities - Sports activity outside

the lesson

- school sports problems - applications in school sports


- Movement education - Physical training as a profession .

- Tests and measurements in school sports

Second: Department of Sports Administration :

- Principles of administration - Specialized Sports Arbitration

- Sports promotion - Methods of managing sports competitions

- Sports Marketing - The Scientific Basis of Sports Management

- Organizing sport activities - Administrative leadership

- Management of sports institutions - Advanced study in sports management

- Methods of research in sports administration - Local and international Sports organizations

Management in the field of recreation - Sports planning

- Communication Theories - Applications [Specialized Management ]

- Management of sports competitions - field training

- Media and Public Relations - Sports Administrative Development

- - Practical management entrance - Specialized Management

- Computer - Statistics

- Legislations and sports laws - Selections and measurements in sports management